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Scratched windshield

What Not to Do After Windshield Repairs

Damaged windshields can leave both drivers and passengers vulnerable to various on-road hazards. That’s why it’s imperative to have your windshield fixed as soon as possible if it gets damaged. However, there is a bad trend in the auto industry that needs to be addressed; drivers rush to fix their windshields without properly assessing the…

Car Glass polishing with power buffer machine Sedona, AZ

A Few Auto Glass Maintenance Tips From Our Team

While only an aspect, the maintenance of auto glass is crucial for the safety and longevity of your vehicle as a whole. As such, regular care and professional auto glass services are necessary to ensure its optimal condition. Follow these essential tips to keep your windshields in top shape. Avoid Extreme Temperature Changes Avoid abrupt…

auto glass being replaced Flagstaff, AZ

Which Type of Smart Glass Damage Warrants a Replacement?

While highly advantageous, smart glass is susceptible to damage like any other glass product. Diamond Auto Glass is a leading provider of smart glass solutions, including smart glass installation in Flagstaff, AZ. This article will explore scenarios where replacing smart glass is necessary to maintain functionality and visual appeal. Severe Physical Damage Due to accidents,…

Glazier removing windshield on a car Winslow, AZ

Risks of DIY Windshield Replacement

When it comes to our vehicles, windshields must be given adequate consideration for the simple fact that they protect you and your passengers from the elements. So when you need services such as windshield replacement, it’s best to get it done by professionals rather than attempting it yourself. Here are the frequent risks associated with…

Car front window tint removal Phoenix, AZ

How Windshield Tinting Can Improve Your Driving Experience

Windshield tints offer numerous benefits beyond mere aesthetics. While a lot of other factors are involved, your car window tinting can actually have an impact on your overall driving experience. Diamond Auto Glass offers top-grade windshield tinting in Phoenix, AZ, and here are the ways high-quality windshield tints can improve your driving experience. Heat Reduction…

smart auto glass Sedona, AZ

Where to Find Quality Smart Glass

Smart glass is a popular technology that has been steadily gaining widespread attention. It is a type of glass that can change its properties in response to various stimuli, such as light or heat. Automotive smart glass, in particular, is starting to become more common. If you’re in the market for smart glass for your…

new windshield installation Flagstaff, AZ

What Can Void Your Windshield Warranty?

Your car’s windshield is a crucial safety feature that should always be in good condition. A high-quality windshield is essential for optimal visibility and weather protection. Therefore, regarding windshield repair and replacement in Flagstaff, AZ, knowing what can void your windshield warranty is essential. Diamond Auto Glass is a full-service auto glass company providing customers…

auto car insurance protection Phoenix, AZ

Is Auto Glass Replacement Covered by Warranty?

Your auto glass can become damaged due to various reasons, at which point you’d need auto glass services. Diamond Auto Glass understands that auto glass services can cost more than what a customer might be capable of paying for at the time, so your concerns about whether services such as auto glass replacement will be…

car tinting film installation Winslow, AZ

Advantages of High-Quality Windshield Tints

Diamond Auto Glass is a reputable company that specializes in auto glass repair and replacement services. One of the popular services that we offer is high-quality car window tinting, which comes with numerous benefits. Windshield tints provide a sleek and stylish vehicle appearance and protect the driver and passengers from harmful UV rays, reduce glare,…

damaged windshield repair Flagstaff, AZ

Leading Causes of Windshield Damage

The windshield is an important safety feature for drivers and passengers. For the airbags to work as intended, proper windshield installation is required. Here, Diamond Auto Glass goes over the most common ways windshields are broken and why you should consider us when it comes time to fix yours. Debris Windshields are commonly broken by…

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